a man is playing trumpet while the sunrise in Havana

Calle Cuba

Havana – Viniales – Trinidad 2011

Calle Cuba is a visual storytelling which was born from the desire to observe and understand a complex reality like that of Cuba, focusing on the aspects that make the Cuban people poor, but extremely dignified, through images that document simple gestures of daily life.

Fundamental components of this project: the language of the gaze — mirror of the soul of each of us — and the language of color, the chromatic aspect that characterizes this part of the world.

the streets of Havana during the sunrise
two young people embracing each other on the streets of cuba
young boy after school in Havana
Portrait of a old man in Vinales, Havana
young lady playing with rain in a rooftop in havana
portrait of children in the streets of havana
little girl as she leaves the door of her house
photography reportage in the Malecon, Havana
chess players in Havana
the streets of Havana are full of the flags of the nation
details of one of the many posters that decorate the city streets
portrait of an old man sitting on his rocking chair in Viniales, Havana
documentary photography of the streets of the Havana
boy sitting on a chair in a office of Havana
little girl sitting on a chair in a street of Havana